Chalk Talk Collection, Read Word Banner, Multi-Colored, 12 Inch Letters

  • Brand: Renewing Minds

SKU: 3489275

Whiteboards may rule the modern school, but we still love the traditional charm of the old-fashioned chalkboard! By combining a realistic distressed finish with a vibrant color scheme and modern designs, our exclusive Chalk Talk collection pays homage to the academia of yesteryear while maintaining a trendy chalk art appeal. For a classroom theme that’s “chalk-full” of awesome, look no further than Chalk Talk!
This Chalk Talk Read Word Banner is a one of a kind-must have to complete the look a Chalk Talk classroom. The letters are 12 inches in size and each one features a different color of chalk outline around the black letter.  Once assembled the banner reads the word READ. A ribbon is included to string them together-or you can be creative.
Ideal for use with the other Chalk Talk board sets or free-form wall display!
  • - each letter is 12 inches high
  • - Chalk Talk Collection colors