Chalk Talk Collection, Shoot for the Moon Motivational Poster, 13 x 19 inches

  • Brand: Renewing Minds

SKU: 3470408

Whiteboards may rule the modern school, but we still love the traditional charm of the old-fashioned chalkboard! By combining a realistic distressed finish with a vibrant color scheme and modern designs, our exclusive Chalk Talk collection pays homage to the academia of yesteryear while maintaining a trendy chalk art appeal. For a classroom theme that’s “chalk-full” of awesome, look no further than Chalk Talk!

In Chalk Talk fashion the caption on this poster reads: Shoot for the Moon, Even if You Miss, You will Land Among the Stars.

Each poster in the Renewing Minds collection is designed to motivate, encourage, and inspire. Spotlight your favorite solo selection or group several items together for maximum effect.