Chalk Talk Collection, Ten Commandments Chart, 17 x 22 Inches, 1 Piece

  • Brand: Renewing Minds

SKU: 3166055

Whiteboards may rule the modern school, but we still love the traditional charm of the old-fashioned chalkboard! By combining a realistic distressed finish with a vibrant color scheme and modern designs, our exclusive Chalk Talk collection pays homage to the academia of yesteryear while maintaining a trendy chalk art appeal. For a classroom theme that's chalk-full of awesome, look no further than Chalk Talk!

The Chalk Talk themed Ten Commandments chart is perfect to display in your: Christian classroom, Sunday School classroom, or Homeschool classroom. The design is the traditional black but includes brighter colors for that trendy Chalk Talk appeal! The 17" x 22" size makes an easy display for a bulletin board or on a door!

Text reads:
The Ten Commandments
1. Love God with all your heart
2. Don't make idols
3. Don't misuse God's name
4. Keep God's day special
5. Honor your parents
6. Don't kill anyone
7. Keep your promises to your wife or husband
8. Don't steal anything
9. Don't tell lies
10. Don't covet other people's things