Ashley, Blue Reading Guide Page, 8 x 11 Inches, Grade PreK-Adult

  • Brand: Ashley

SKU: 1575935

This durable Blue Reading Guide Page is a valuable and very affordable visual aide resource for any reader from pre-kindergarten through adults. Use this tool to gain concentration for reading too close to the page, reading comprehension and comfort, and more. Aids in eye problems such as astigmatism or headaches plus  visual learning impairment including dyslexia and autism.

The 8-1/2 x 11 see-through page is colored to help with focus, plus ease eye strain and headaches. Simply lay it across a page and read the words through it. For use at home, in your classroom, homeschool, learning center, office, co-op, and more. Stock up on Ashley Inc., Blue Reading Guide Page and enjoy reading today!

  • - Ashley Inc., Blue Reading Guide Page, 8-1/2 x 11 inches
  • - Plastic transparent blue colored sheet to lay across a page and read words through it
  • - Gain concentration for reading comprehension, reading too close to the page, comfort and more
  • - Aids in eye problems such as astigmatism and headaches
  • - For use with visual learning impairments including dyslexia and autism
  • - Durable visual aide reading tool for grades PreK through adults