Brictek, Castle Guards Mini Figures, Ages 4 Years and Older, Set of 3

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  • Brand: Brictek

SKU: 3550472

Exercise the building blocks of your imagination with this 7 piece Brictek building set. This 3-figure set is an excellent addition to any Building Block set or compatible building sets. Each figure is realistically detailed and comes with a tool to help them protect the castle. Each one is dressed for battle-one has a sword, one has a crossbow and the other has an ax.Everything you need to protect the castle.
Figures hands, arms, head, legs, and items are removable.This makes a great gift and provides hours of fun that you can play with when the build is complete!
  • - Ages: 4 years and older
  • - 7 pieces per box
  • - Compatible with other leading brands
  • - The figures in this package may differ from illustrations
  • - Exercise the building blocks of your imagination