Fat Brain Toys, Crankity Brainteaser, Ages 6 Years and Older, Single Player Game

  • Brand: Fat Brain Toys

SKU: 3634565

You have a red gear and a yellow wheel at fixed points. Can you crank out a solution to this puzzle? Piece together more gears to see if you can get all the gears spinning when you turn the wheel.
This challenging game includes 40 puzzles at easy, medium, hard, and extra-hard difficulty levels. Each puzzle gives the location of the red gear and yellow wheel, and lists out the pieces you must use to solve the puzzle. There are multiple ways to solve each puzzle, allowing you to implement creative problem solving.
- 40 puzzles
- 15 gears
- Gear tray
- Storage bag
- Ages 6 and older
- Single player game
- Excellent STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) game
- Easy, medium, hard, and extra-hard difficulty levels