Get Ready! Beginning Sounds: Ages 4-6

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What letter does it start with? This Beginning Sounds 64-page workbook from the Get Ready! series helps children recognize the sounds of letters that begin words, an essential early reading skill. Making that connection is also vital to spelling and writing success. Amusing, full-color illustrations and a variety of easy-to-follow exercises make learning simple and fun. Take the letter Z, for example. Trace it, write it. See that Z is for zipper but also zebra, zucchini and zero. Multiple strategies help reinforce the learning, and hidden picture puzzles lend variety. With a little guidance from you, your child will practice and learn for many happy hours.

Fun Features & Benefits

• Parent Guide inside front cover

• Certificate of Achievement inside back cover

• 64 pages of learning activities

• Tear-out pages make great individual worksheets

• A great value!

Skills: letter-object recognition; letter-sound recognition; alphabet; lowercase letters; uppercase letters; eye-hand coordination

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