School Zone, Multiplication & Division Deluxe Edition, Paperback, 64 Pages, Grades 3-4

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Build your child's confidence for higher-level math. Multiplication and division are difficult concepts for many children; however, a firm foundation makes everyday tasks easier and strengthens progress. Clear instructions, step-by-step examples, and a fascinating rainforest and ocean theme will help your child enjoy practicing multiplication and division skills. We followed Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, as a guide in writing this book.

Fun Features & Benefits

• 59 workbook pages with colorful, friendly illustrations

• Parent Guide on inside front cover

• Perforated pages for easy, individual worksheets

• Concept and skill focus listed at bottom corner of each page

• Easy-reference Answer Key

• Activities to Share on inside back cover

Skills: multiplying; dividing; estimating; finding missing factors; solving story problems; working with remainders; rainforest animals

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