Tracing Trails-Pre-Writing Skills: Ages 3-5

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What's so important about tracing? It's the first step in learning to write! Each one-page lesson helps children gain valuable eye-hand coordination and other pre-writing skills. Letter-tracing exercises help your child recognize everyday signs and shapes, while the challenging assortment of mazes takes your child on fun-filled adventures that improve coordination. Help your child build a solid foundation for writing success. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as a line well traced!

Fun Features & Big Benefits

• Loveable illustrations that spur child interaction

• Playful, full-color page format

• Letters written in clear, block-style

• Flexible, thick-coated cover

• 32 thick-coated, paperstock pages

• 2 full pages of bright, reward stickers

• All pages perforated for use as individual worksheets

• Parent Guide inside front cover

• Certificate of Achievement inside back cover

• Affordable learning!

Skills: eye-hand coordination; pre-writing skills; shapes; directions; alphabet

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