Learning Resources, Cross Section Brain, Ages 7 Years and Older, 5 Inches, 1 Set

  • Brand: Learning Resources

SKU: 3567872

This Learning Resources Soft Foam Cross-Section Human Brain Model can help your child understand the complexities of the human brain with this labeled cross-section model. One half is labeled with the parts of the brain and the other has letters only for test preparation purposes. An Activity Guide is included with detailed information on the human brain and how it functions.
  • - Learning Resources Soft Foam Cross-Section Human Brain Model
  • - Set includes a 5 inch foam 2-part model and Activity Guide
  • - Explore the human brain through hands-on investigation
  • - Learn what the inside of a brain looks like along with facts on function, heart health, and more
  • - No assembly required model, quick clean up
  • - Ages 7 years and older