Westminster Hand-Held Boiler Science Experiment, Assorted Colors


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Hand-held boilers, sometimes called hand boilers, are classic science toys that use body heat to make the liquid in the glass ornament bubble just as if it were boiling. Amaze your friends with a visual demonstration of Charles's Law, which is named after Jacques Charles who in 1787 discovered an amazing scientific principle regarding the boiling point of certain liquids. 
Jacques Charles says that a volume of gas kept at a constant pressure expands as temperature increases. This law is demonstrated by this twisty little glass bottle filled with colored ethyl alcohol, a liquid that has a boiling point close to human body temperature. By capturing it in this pretty little bottle we see that as the fluid heats up it evaporates and tries to expand. It has nowhere to go but up into the twisty, loopy glass stem. It flows upward into the top bulb, where it appears to bubble and boil. Science made fun!
Appropriate for ages 8 and older. Adult supervision recommended.
  • - Contains ethyl alcohol
  • - Glass hand-held boiler demonstrates Charles's Law
  • - Assorted colors include red, blue, green, and purple
  • - 6 1/2 inches tall
  • - Warning: Fragile! Appropriate for ages 8 and older