The Fallacy Detective (Revised Edition)

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  • Publisher: Christian Logic

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This second edition of The Fallacy Detective provides even more fallacies and more fun cartoon illustrations! Readers ages twelve through adult will learn to recognize the fallacious techniques seen in everyday life, including Red Herring, Ad Hominem, Tu Quoque, Straw Man, Loaded Question, Equivocation, Circular Reasoning, Either-Or, Generalization, Analogy, Propaganda and more, including two new fallacies for this 2009 edition: Special Pleading and Slippery Slope.

Original cartoons, along with classic favorites Dilbert, Calvin & Hobbes and Peanuts illustrate many of the fallacies perfectly, while the text provides additional examples. Detailed exercises and “The Fallacy Detective Game” provide fun ways to really remember what you’ve learned! 212 pages, softcover. Answer key included.

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