Up With Paper, Just Married Pop-Up Wedding Card, 3 x 3 inches

  • Brand: Up With Paper

SKU: 3738887

Celebrate the marriage of a couple you know. This cute card is filled with a fun pop-up surprise. The front cover is decorated with a top hat and a bouquet of flowers. The back side includes space for a personal message. When the card opens up, it pops up with an image of a car driving off in the distance with a bride and groom waving out of the windows. It even features cans dangling from the back bumper. The car is decorated with a string of flowers over a sign that says Just Married. This thoughtful card will make a cute table display during the early days of marriage, so the bride and groom can look back at the fond moments of their wedding day.
- 3 x 3 inch pop-up wedding card
- Space for a personal message
- Just Married theme