the Paper Studio, Coffee and Jesus Washi Tape, 2 Rolls, 10 Yards Each

  • Brand: the Paper Studio

SKU: 3741048

You know you have those days when you need your energy and strength. You turn to coffee for energy, and Jesus for the strength to survive the day. It may take a little bit of coffee to wake you up, but it requires a whole latte of Jesus to get you through the day. You can decorate your planner or scrapbook with reminders of your love for both coffee and Jesus. This washi tape features a roll of pink icthus tape, and another roll decorated with images of a coffee cup alongside the message:
All I Need Today
Is A Little Bit Of
And A Whole
Lot Of
Creative planners and Bible journalers love versatile, decorative washi tape. The many fun patterns and colors make it a bright enhancement to Bible journaling and daily planner pages. Use it to add emphasis, as a page border, to attach notes, pictures, or die-cuts, or to create pockets by attaching decorative papers. Write on it, remove it, or place stickers on it.
- 2 rolls of washi tape
- 15 millimeters x 10 yards each
- Coffee and Jesus theme