Dicksons, I Said A Prayer Bowl, Terra Cotta, 2 3/4 inches

  • Brand: Dicksons
  • Artist: Better Arts

SKU: 3706595

Do you have friends going through a difficult time? It could help to let your friends know you are praying for them. This terra cotta dish is a practical gift that lets your loved ones know you are praying for them. The 2 3/4 inch round dish features a tan terra cotta exterior, with a polished white interior with a gold and black message that reads:
for you
This little dish can be used to store keys, jewelry, wrapped candy, or more. Each time the dish empties, the message will shine through as a reminder that they will always be in your thoughts and prayers.
- 2 3/4 inch bowl
- I said a prayer for you today message
- Terra cotta material