Demdaco, Giving Shawl, Nylon, Cream, 27 x 70 inches


SKU: 3721008

When you have a loved one going through a rough time, you want to be there for them with warm hugs and sweet sentiments. Sometimes you can't always drop everything and be in their presence at a moment's notice. For times when distance keeps you from giving a true hug, the Giving Shawl is there to fill the void. This soft, cozy, cream-colored shawl is made for soothing and comfort. Each shawl is packaged in a beautiful gift box with a ribbon bookmark printed with the message:
We all need
a little comfort
now and then...
A reminder 
to help us know
that we are not alone
in the world...
That there is someone
in our corner,
ready with a hug,
no matter what.
Always know you
are being thought of,
cheered on,
and loved for exactly
who you are--
Someone who is cherished.
The shawl includes an inside pocket to hold tissue, eyeglasses, or a cell phone. Your loved one can wear it for warmth or comfort and always remember that you came through in a time of need.
- 27 x 70 inch shawl
- 100% nylon
- Ribbon bookmark with printed message
- Includes an inside pocket