SunsOut, Inc., Fresh Produce Stand Jigsaw Puzzle, by Tom Wood, 1000 Pieces, 27 x 35 inches Completed

  • Brand: SunsOut
  • Artist: Tom Wood

SKU: 3739711

Do you ever drive down a country road in the summer just to visit a fresh produce stand? You could go to the farmer's market, or a grocery store, but nothing beats the homegrown taste of fresh fruit and vegetables from a roadside stand in the country. This puzzle will remind you of the gold ole days when you could find all the fresh food you needed, right on the side of the road. As you piece this picture together you can look at all the fresh foods to consider which ones you recognize, and which you would prefer to have fresh.
This 1000 piece puzzle uses over-sized pieces, making it a good grown-up puzzle for young kids to complete with some assistance. The eco-friendly design uses recycled board with soy-based inks.
- 1000 piece puzzle
- 27 x 35 inches completed
- Over-sized pieces
- Fresh produce stand design
- Artwork by Tom Wood
- Recommended for ages 10 and up
- Made in the USA