Willow Tree, Sunshine Angel Figurine

  • Brand: Willow Tree

SKU: 2023398

This piece is dedicated to the friend who lights up a room with their smile and life.

Just as we desire to turn our face to the sun and embrace its rays on a cloudy day, we are drawn to the energy and light that some individuals seem to naturally exude. When those people enrich our lives, we can’t help but soak up their warmth.

Friendship brings the sun… and flowers bloom!

Each original Willow Tree® sculpture is hand carved by artist Susan Lordi. Using family and friends as models, Susan’s goal is to capture a moment in time or express an intimate feeling. Pieces are cast from her original carving and individually painted by hand. Softly washed colors, carved and metal accents, and representative icons of nature add depth and sentimentality to this beloved line.