Willow Tree, Everyday Blessings Figurine, by Susan Lordi, Resin, 6 1/2 inches

  • Brand: Willow Tree
  • Designed by: Susan Lordi

SKU: 3737079

May you celebrate the blessings of the beauty and wonder in your everyday life! This figurine reflects the natural beauty all around us that can change our mood and lift our spirits.
The Everyday Blessings figurine is made of resin and stands 6 1/2 inches tall. This Signature Collection of figurines has a taller, thinner, and more petite build than the normal Willow Tree figurines. She has below the shoulder-length brown hair, and her open arms are a gesture of welcoming blessings and giving praise to God. The carvings on her dress represent earthly things that enrich our lives such as plants, flowers, birds, butterflies, and the cycle of the seasons. All of this is created by God for our pleasure. Her hair and dress are all dotted in gold. Such a truly exquisite piece.
The Everyday Blessings figurine is the perfect gift to celebrate friendship, bless a newly  married couple, or welcome that new baby into the world.
  • - Everyday Blessings Figurine by Willow Tree
  • - Hand carved from solid resin by Susan Lordi
  • - Dress carvings represent earthly things that enrich lives
  • - Gesture of open arms in praise
  • - Hair and dress are all dotted in gold
  • - Measures 6 1/2 inches tall
Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each Willow Tree® figure from her art studio in Kansas City, Missouri. This piece is cast from Susan's original carving, and then painted by hand. Expression is revealed through gestures only … a tilt of the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body. The simplicity of form and the absence of facial features signify Willow Tree. It is Susan's hope that these pieces be meaningful to both the giver and receiver.