Lighthouse Christian, Ark of the Covenant (Spanish), Resin, Gold, 4 1/2 x 7 x 5 5/8 Inches

  • Brand: Lighthouse Christian

SKU: 3731072

The Ark of the Covenant is one of the most intriguing and mysterious parts of the Bible to this day. While the real Ark was likely destroyed many years ago and could not be touched or looked at, this sculpture from Lighthouse Christian gives us a glimpse into what the real Ark may have looked like.

In Exodus 25:10, Moses was commanded to build and ark. Placed within the ark would be the 10 Commandments, a golden pot with manna, and Aaron's rod. In this sculpture, you not only get to see these items, but the Ark is a beautifully ornate gold box topped with cherubim. 
Message on product reads:
Y hare con ellos un pacto de paz. Sera un pacto eterno. Hare que se multipliquen, y para siempre colocare mi santuario en medio de ellos. Habitare entre ellos, y yo sere su Dios y ellos seran mi pueblo. Ezequiel 37:26-27
  • - Hand cast resin, MDF base with black satin finish
  • - Antique gold finish
  • - Features plaque with scripture
  • - removeable top 
  • - Inside is Aaron's staff, 10 Commandments, and manna
  • - 4 1/2 x 7 x 5 5/8 Inches
  • - Wonderful collector's gift for a pastor or faithful servant in your life!