I Turn Coffee Into Education Travel Coffee Mug with Lid, White, 16 ounces


SKU: 3688579

Coffee fuels us all to carry out different routines. As an educator, you perk up with a little coffee in your cup and use that energy to motivate your class, teach new lessons, and communicate core subjects to your students. One little drop of coffee can go a long way toward shaping the next generation. This travel coffee cup lets others know that you are transforming your caffeine into educating fuel by displaying the message:
This acrylic cup holds 16 ounces of hot coffee. The flexible black lid fits securely in place to help keep the coffee warm until the very last drop. This travel cup makes a wonderful gift for educators, and could even make for a special teacher appreciation gift.
- 16 ounce travel coffee cup
- Includes lid
- Acrylic cup
- I turn coffee into education message
- Dishwasher and microwave safe
- 7 x 3 3/4 inch cup