Kuhn Rikon, Flower Shaped Stay Clean Scrubber, Silicone, Assorted Colors, 5 inches

  • Brand: Kuhn Rikon

SKU: 3723228

Sponges can be highly absorbent, and they can even have an abrasive edge that make them resourceful for scrubbing dishes. However, sponges and similar kitchen scrubbers can harbor bacteria and are often challenging to keep clean. This silicone flower scrubber features over 5,000 bristles that can gently and effectively help scrub those messy surfaces. The silicone won't harbor bacteria like a sponge, and the non-porous surface makes it easier to clean. The firm bristles over the surface also make this a handy grip pad that could help you pry the lid off a jar or twist the top off a bottle.
- 5 inch flower scrubber
- Assorted colors
- Silicone surface with bristles on each end
- Over 5,000 bristles