Natural Life, Happy Place Happy Clips for Chips, 1 Each of 4 Designs

  • Brand: Natural Life

SKU: 3708237

When you have a rough day and things aren't going well, do you imagine your happy place? Does it include a refreshing ocean breeze, a rhythmic sound of waves crashing ashore, and soft sand? Then these chip clips may be right for you. When you open a bag of chips that you need to save for later, simple use one of these chip clips as a reminder that your happy place has an ocean front view. Roll the bag of chips and clamp the chip clip over it for a tighter bond. These chip clips feature sunshine and ocean themed artwork surrounding the messages:
Is My
With a variety of four unique designs, you can find a fresh encouraging message every time you use one of the clips, or even share some of these with friends and family.
- 4 chip clips
- 2 3/4 x 3/4 x 5/8 inches each
- Live Happy and The Beach Is My Happy Place messages
- Sunshine and ocean artwork