Holy Land Gifts, 12 Tribes Menorah with Colored Hexagon, Brass, Multi-Colored, 6 x 6 Inches

  • Brand: Holy Land Gifts

SKU: 3761715

The Menorah was introduced to the Jews in Exodus 25, where God instructed Moses to make a golden lampstand. According to Hebrews 8:5, the items God commanded Moses to make were to "serve as a copy and shadow of heavenly things." This Menorah from Holy Land Gifts is a beautiful symbol of faith. The base features symbols of all twelve tribes of Israel. The gorgeous jewel tone accents are ornate and wonderful for celebrating Hanukkah or decorating your home. 
Place this lovely 6 x 6 inch 12 Tribes Menorah with Colored Hexagon from Holy Land Gifts in your window or in a display cabinet!
  • - Beautiful 12 Tribes Menorah
  • - Lovely jewel tone detailing
  • - 12 Tribes represented on base
  • - 6 x 6 inches 
  • - Wonderful for Hanukkah!