Holy Land Gifts, Yehuda Tallit, White and Blue, 72 inches

  • Brand: Holy Land Gifts

SKU: 3043536

Traditionally the Tallit is the literal fulfillment of the commandment God gave the Jewish people in the Bible; however, the prayer shawl can be used as a means of drawing a worshiper to attention so that they remember the commandments of God and enter into prayer with devotion and intensity.
This tallit from Holy Land Gifts is white with stripes of blue and gold.  The collar of the shawl features the Messianic roots symbol and a Hebrew prayer reading:  Blessed are you, O Lord, King of the Universe, Who has commanded us to wear the tzitzit (fringe).
Each of the 4 corners of the garment contains a Scripture verse in Hebrew. The tallit is made of acrylic fabric with tassel trim and ceremonial fringe and measures 72 inches long by 22 inches wide. 
  • - Traditonal Yehuda tallit in white acrylic fabric with blue and gold stripes
  • - Tassel trim and ceremonial fringe
  • - Each corner accented with different Scriptures in Hebrew
  • - 72 inches long by 22 inches wide 
  • - Made in Israel