Dexsa, I Carried You in My Arms Wall Art (Spanish), Wood, Brown, 6 x 9 Inches

  • Brand: Dexsa

SKU: 3730371

Life has ups and downs. Without God, we cannot make it through the hard times. When the hard times come, God carries us in His arms, for we are His children. This beautiful reminder of God's amazing love is a wonderful home decor piece. The message of love and compassion from the Father is awe inspiring and soothing. This particular piece will be stunning in a home with beach vibes. The pale wood and blue accents are calming home accessories. 


When going through times of difficulty, it is easy to believe you are alone. It is also easy to try and go it alone. But with God, you are never without love and guidance. Look to Him in times of pain, and you will make it. The I Carried You in My Arms Wall Art by Dexsa is a beautiful reminder of God's promises. Gift this to someone you know who needs encouragement or who likes Christian inspirational art. This gift will be so much more than just something pretty to look at. It has a beautiful message too.


  • - Wooden wall art
  • - 6 x 9 Inches 
  • - Hang on your wall!
  • - Can be layered with our fun canvas art!
  • - Give as a gift of encouragement!
  • - Will look beautiful in a beach house.