Carpentree Gifts, Those Who Serve Blessing Art Frame (Spanish), Wood, Brown, 10 x 14 Inches

  • Brand: Carpentree Gifts

SKU: 3731106

God has a special place in His heart for those who serve. Whether you helped serve at a potluck, served for years in the military, or are a First Responder, you have been the hands, feet, and voice of God in times of stress. This beautiful Those Who Serve Blessing Art Frame is a wonderful symbol of thanks for those who serve. The classic wood frame is a beautiful dark brown. The printed blessing is in an elegant navy font with a beautiful navy border and gold cross at the top. 

Bless the servant in your life with this wonderful art frame. The easel back frame makes it an easy decor piece, and there is even a built in wall hanging hook. Share your thankfulness with someone in your life by giving them a beautiful frame with a beautiful sentiment. 
Message on product reads:
Los Que Sirven

Dios tiene un lugar especial
Para cada uno de nosotros donde servir,
Y usted ha seguido su camino.

Usted ha sido las MANOS,
Los PIES, la VOZ, y el
AMOR d DIOS expresado
En muchas maneras diferentes

Usted ha escogido honrarle
Y ha servido en Su nombre. 

Gracias por su buena voluntad
En dar de si mismo y ser usado
Donde Dios le ha puesto.

Usted ha sido de bendicion
para muchas vidas

En cuanto lo hicisteis a uno de estos mas pequenos...a Mi lo hicisteis" Mateo 25:40
  • - 10 x 14 easel back frame
  • - Framed blessing with cross detail
  • - Netural colors, navy, gold, and brown
  • - Wonderful gift to the servant in your life!
  • - Gift this with a leatherbound journal or study Bible!