Alpha Omega Publications, Switched-On Schoolhouse Math Grade 10 Geometry, USB Flash Drive

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Your students will enjoy this fun and interactive way to learn with Alpha Omega Publications Switched-On Schoolhouse Math Grade 10 Geometry on a USB Flash Drive! Easy-to-follow lessons teach a subject-centered study of geometry. High school students will learn STEM skills that focus on the skills and methods of linear, coordinate, and plane geometry. Topics include logic, angles, parallels, shapes, volume, area, and more.

This computer-based course features encouraging and motivating lessons, engaging learning games video clips plus quizzes and tests with automatic grading and lesson planning. Includes step-by-step solution keys when viewing problems from the SOS Teacher application too!
Students who have successfully completed the pre-requisite Algebra 1 will learn to:
- Make geometric calculations and coordinate plane graphing
- Employ techniques of construction
- Understand defined terms, axioms, postulates, and theories
- Apply rules of formal logic and construct formal proofs in two-column format
- Know how to solve for angles given parallels, perpendiculars, and transversals
- Solve for sides and angles of triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons
- Be able to determine arcs, chords, and sectors of circles
- Calculate perimeter, area, and volume of figures and solids
- Graph lines and determine slopes, midpoints, and distances
- Make geometric constructions on paper
- Represent results of motion geometry (translation, rotation, reflection, dilation)
- Understand trigonometric ratios and know how to use them to solve for unknown sides and angles in given triangles as well as application word problems
Students will respond to diverse math question formats and complete projects that build their problem solving abilities with confidence.
SOS is a comprehensive Christian curriculum that offers quality education, mastery learning, flexibility, and convenience. Great for the main learning styles - auditory, kinesthetic, reading/writing, and visual. SOS gives you engaging, student-directed, self-paced customizable lessons that students enjoy.  
Order your Alpha Omega Publications Switched-On Schoolhouse Math Grade 10 Geometry on a USB Flash Drive today!
Switched-On Schoolhouse Features:
- Ability to save projects to your computer and upload to the SOS database when finished
- Time-saving automatic grading and lesson planning (parents grade essays and projects)
- Quizzes, reviews, projects, and tests
- Customizable scheduling and easy re-scheduling
- Attendance tracking
- Ability to create your own course or assignment
- Multiple reports such as format report cards, transcripts, quick daily activity reports
- Text-to-Speech functionality for students to read along while hearing the text
- Many audio/video files have written transcripts available
- Print capabilities for schoolwork done away from the computer - just enter their answers into SOS once you're at home
- Switched-On Schoolhouse is provided on a convenient USB stick
SOS USB System Requirements: See the back of the box image or contact one of our friendly Mardel customer service representatives at 1.888.262.7335. 
  • - Alpha Omega Publications Switched-On Schoolhouse Math Geometry on USB Flash Drive
  • - Grade 10 comprehensive homeschool Christian curriculum for all learning styles
  • - One-year computer-based course teaches a subject-centered study of geometry
  • - SOS features quality education, mastery learning, flexibility, and convenience
  • - Interactive course including lessons, learning games, and video clips 
  • - Includes automatic lesson planning plus quizzes and tests with automatic grading
  • - Includes step-by-step solution keys from the SOS Teacher application