Alpha Omega Publications, Switched-On Schoolhouse History and Geography Grade 7, USB Flash Drive

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Students can explore aspects of the world in a fun and interactive way with Alpha Omega Publications Switched-On Schoolhouse History and Geography Grade 7 on a USB Flash Drive! Your kids will gain an understanding of the social sciences including history, geography, anthropology, sociology, economics, and political science. This one-year computer-based course features engaging lessons, mapwork, learning games, video clips, plus quizzes and tests with automatic grading. 
Students will learn about:
- Social behavior
- Markets and competition
- Politics
- Geography definitions
- Meaning, methods, and goals of the social sciences and their important role in recording our history
- Characteristics of major economic systems – free enterprise and socialism – and the role that government plays in each one 
- Contributions made to the area of political science by various political thinkers
- Structure and functions of American government and economics at the state level 
Students will be able to explain the world in spatial terms, topographical features, and the historical method. Seventh graders will gain practice in report-writing, covering topics like topographies of home states, underdeveloped nations, modern political issues, and more.
SOS is a comprehensive Christian curriculum that offers quality education, mastery learning, flexibility, and convenience. Employing the main auditory, kinesthetic, reading/writing, and visual learning styles, SOS gives you engaging, student-directed, self-paced customizable lessons that students enjoy. 
Order your Alpha Omega Publications Switched-On Schoolhouse History and Geography Grade 7 on a USB Flash Drive today! 
Switched-On Schoolhouse Features:
- The ability to save projects to your computer and upload to the SOS database when finished
- Automatic grading for 80-95% of student work (parents grade essays, paragraph essays and projects)
- Multiple reports, from format report cards and transcripts to quick daily activity reports
- Customizable scheduling and easy re-scheduling
- Text-to-Speech functionality for students to read along while hearing the text; many audio/video files have written transcripts available as well
- The ability to create your own course or assignment
- Alternate quizzes and tests
- Reading and Activity Logs to track activities and books read
- Attendance tracking
- Print capabilities for schoolwork done away from the computer - just enter their answers into SOS once you're at home
- Switched-On Schoolhouse is provided on a convenient USB stick
SOS USB System Requirements: See the back of the box image or contact one of our friendly Mardel customer service representatives at 1.888.262.7335. 
  • - Alpha Omega Publications Switched-On Schoolhouse History and Geography on a USB Flash Drive
  • - Grade 7 comprehensive Christian homeschool curriculum for all learning styles
  • - One-year computer-based social studies survey of the social sciences
  • - SOS features quality education, mastery learning, flexibility, and convenience
  • - Interactive course includes lessons, mapwork, learning games, and video clips 
  • - Includes quizzes and tests, automatic grading and lesson planning, a message center, and multiple print options