BJU Press, English 2: Writing & Grammar Tests, 3rd Edition, Grade 2

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Determine how well your 2nd graders are comprehending their English lessons with BJU Press English 2: Writing and Grammar Tests. This test pack includes one test for each chapter along with grading suggestions. Each test applies the concepts and skills from the chapter. A variety of grammar and writing tests including graphic organizers, proofreading skills, and more. Easy to use with your 2nd grade students and simple to grade with the coordinating Tests Answer Key sold seperately. 

Use these conveniently printed English 2 tests to quickly and easily assess your students learning retention. Regular testing of your students' understanding of key concepts in their English 2 lessons helps you track their learning. In addition, the periodic use of BJU Press English 2: Writing and Grammar Tests helps you as their teacher to know when you need to spend additional time in areas where your students may need further understanding.

  • - BJU Press English 2: Writing and Grammar Tests
  • - Variety of assessments
  • - Includes grading suggestions
  • - Writing tests include graphic organizers and more
  • - Easy and convenient to use 
  • - Grade 2


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