BJU Press, Biblical Worldview Student Edition, ESV Version, Grades 11-12

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Biblical Worldview from BJU Press will help equip students to understand, defend, and share their faith. Using the framework of Creation-Fall-Redemption, students will apply their understanding of God and his plan to ethical topics of:
- marriage
- gender roles & family
- government & politics
- science
- history
- arts & culture

Written from a conservative, complementarian perspective, this textbook teaches students how to apply a biblical perspective and presuppositional apologetics to the current "hot button" issues in our culture.

Each of the 9 units includes three chapters. "Thinking it Through" questions at the end of each section provide opportunities for reflection and reinforcement of terms and concepts from the text. Chapter Reviews include questions that examine assumptions and evidence, help students develop skills in apologetics and worldview, and make connections. Scripture Memory verses are also given. All answers will need to be written outside of the text.

Most Scripture is from the ESV; however KJV, NKJV, NASB translations are also used.

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