Who Were the Wright Brothers by James Buckley Jr., Tim Foley, and Nancy Harrison, Paperback

  • Author: James Buckley Jr.
  • Illustrator: Tim Foley
  • Illustrator: Nancy Harrison

SKU: 3577731

Orville and Wilbur Wright let their imaginations soar. As young boys, they loved all things mechanical and got a chance to work on printing presses, bicycles, motors, and more. The skills they gained from working on machines allowed them to invent the world's first successful airplane. Discover the fascinating story of two brothers who were inventors and aviation pioneers. They never lost sight of their dream to fly and soar higher.
Chapters include:
- Who Were the Wright Brothers?
- The Young Brothers
- Printers and Newsmen
- Wrights on Wheels
- Inspired to Fly
- "That's Happiness!"
- Off to Kitty Hawk
- The First Flights
- "Flyers or Liars?"
- Worldwide Fame
- Legacy in the Air
- Timelines
- Bibliography

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