Little Books of Wisdom, Bill of Rights Handbook, Hard Cover, 56 Pages, Grades 7-Adult

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  • Author: James Madison

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Little Books of Wisdom are timeless, reprinted classic literature for you and your kids! You can teach history or language arts to grade 7-adult students from the Bill of Rights. Learn how to apply the treasure of information in this affordable 4.3 x 6.8-inch living book to today. This hardcover gift edition looks great on a shelf to use as a resource too.

This handbook features the text of the Bill of Rights set alongside a history of the amendments. The document is placed in its historical context for ease in understanding. The Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution. Introduced in 1789 by James Madison, these amendments came into effect in 1791.

This famous document limits the powers of the federal government and protects the rights of all citizens, residents, and visitors on USA territory. It guarantees civil rights and liberties such such as the freedoms of speech, assembly, and worship. Today the Bill of Rights plays a central role in American law and represents a symbol of the freedoms and culture of this nation. It spells out Americans rights in relation to their government.  

This gem makes the perfect gift for anyone who is patriotic, loves United States history, and has a desire to understand our Constitution. This hardcover book is in a distinctive hunter green leatherette with gold stamping.


  • - Little Books of Wisdom: Bill of Rights by James Madison and George Mason
  • - Beautiful hard cover gift edition, 4.3 x 6.8-inch
  • - Teach history or language arts from this living book
  • - Timeless, reprinted classic literature
  • - A treasure of information for grades 7-adult
  • - Resource for your homeschool, classroom, learning center, co-op, and personal reference

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