Little Books of Wisdom, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, Hard Cover, 76 Pages, Grades 7-Adult

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  • Author: Thomas Paine

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Little Books of Wisdom are timeless, reprinted classic literature for you and your kids! You can teach history or language arts to grade 7-adult students from Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Learn how to apply the treasure of information in this affordable 4.3 x 6.8-inch living book to today. This hardcover gift edition looks great on a shelf to use as a resource too. 

Common Sense argues for American Independence in 1776. Paine begins by distinguishing between government and society and then illustrates his theory through a story. He then details why the colonies should break away from the British and proposes a new form of government to be adopted. He continues with the timing of a revolt in regards to the size of the colonies and the debt that would incur. He finishes by addressing international respect.
Thomas Paine arrived in America from England in 1774. A friend of Benjamin Franklin, he was a writer of poetry and tracts condemning the slave trade. In 1775, as hostilities between Britain and the colonies intensified, Paine wrote Common Sense to encourage the colonies to break the British exploitative hold and fight for independence. The little booklet of 50 pages was published January 10, 1776 and sold a half-million copies, approximately equal to 75 million copies today.
This gem makes the perfect gift for anyone who is patriotic and loves United States history. This hardcover book is in a distinctive brown leatherette with gold stamping.
  • - Little Books of Wisdom: Common Sense by Thomas Paine
  • - Beautiful hard cover gift edition, 4.3 x 6.8-inch
  • - Teach history or language arts from this living book
  • - Timeless, reprinted classic literature
  • - A treasure of information for grades 7-adult
  • - Resource for your homeschool, classroom, learning center, co-op, and personal reference

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