Introductory Logic: The Fundamentals of Thinking Well, Teacher Edition

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  • Author: James B. Nance
  • Author: Douglas Wilson
  • Publisher: Canon Press

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Anyone can learn logic,but more importantly, anyone can teach logic. Introductory Logic Teacher Edition includes features that make it the obvious choice for educators new to logic, no matter where they teach.
 Features include:      
  • A daily lesson schedule for completing Introductory Logic in a semester or a year-long course.
  • Answers to all exercises, review questions, review exercises, quizzes, and tests in the order they are taught.
  • Contains the entire Student Edition text -- with the same page numbers as the Student Edition! No more flipping back and forth between answer keys and textbook.
  • Detailed daily lesson plans for the entire textbook 
  • Student Objectives and Special Notes,
  • Step-by-step Teaching Instructions with bolded terms, advice, and more examples,
  • Assignments for each lesson,
  • Optional Exercises for further exploration and integration.

Introductory Logic is recommended for students in 6th grade and above.  It can be taught as either a semester or year-long course depending on your needs and schedule.