Memoria, Latina Christiana 1, Student, by Cheryl Lowe, Grade 3

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  • Author: Cheryl Lowe
  • Publisher: Memoria

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Latina Christiana I is, quite simply, the best Latin grammar course available for younger beginning students. Cheryl Lowe’s clear explanations, easy instructions, and step-by-step approach have led thousands of teachers and students to say they love Latin! With the help of this course, you are sure to love Latin too! Students who have completed Latina Christiana I are now ready for the First Form Latin Series. Memoria Press recommends students move directly from Latina Christiana I to First Form. Latina Christiana was designed as a beginning course for students of all ages. This course was specifically written for the teacher with no background in Latin. There is an optional history component to Latina Christiana I taken from Chapters 1-13 of Famous Men of Rome these reading selections not included in LCI.Drill questions are included in Latina Christiana I, as well as a history test. Learning the history and culture of Rome is often a great motivating factor for students studying the Latin language Student Book.

  • - 105 pages
  • - Paperback
  • - 25 lessons + 5 review lessons 
  • - A grammar form for each lesson 
  • - 10 vocabulary words per lesson with corresponding English derivatives 
  • - Latin sayings that teach Christian or Classical heritage 
  • - Consistent reviews

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