Memoria Press, Farmer Boy Student Study Guide, Paperback, Grades 3-4

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  • Author: Highlands Latin School Faculty

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For a classical Christian education that encourages cultivation of virtue and wisdom, look no further than Memoria Press! By combining training in the liberal arts and familiarity with great books and influential thinkers of the Western tradition, this family-run publishing company produces thorough, easy-to-use Christian education materials for both home and private schools.

This Memoria Press Literature Study Guide accompanies the sold-separately book Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder; the Farmer Boy Literature Guide Teacher's Guide is available separately and contains the answers to this book, quizzes, and a final exam.

Strengthen your students thinking skills as they read; this study guide will help them read actively with purpose and insight. Each chapter's worksheets feature reading notes that define new words; vocabulary used in context which students must provide the definition for; comprehension questions; a quote; discussion questions; and activities.

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