Educators Publishing Service, My Word Book, Paperback, 64 Pages, Grades K-1

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  • Brand: Educators Publishing Service
  • Author: Alana Trisler
  • Author: Patrice Howe Cardiel

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Develop your grade K-1 student's spelling, alphabetizing, vocabulary, reading and writing skills with this customizable dictionary! Building on 100 high-interest, high-frequency words, kids add words of their own that can be selected from phonics lessons, spelling lists, literature, word walls, or other sources. Once completed, children have their own My Word Book personal dictionary. 

This 64 page workbook features a short list of words for each letter of the alphabet, with an illustration of that word. The facing page consists of blank lines for children to write in their own words plus blank boxes for their own drawings of that word. Fill-in-the-blank pages for for My Family, Classmates, School Tools, Pets, Color Words and Shapes finish this book.
This fun and engaging workbook enables students to learn and remember these words that are relevant and have personal meaning to them. As students are writing they will refer to their personal dictionary so their word's correct spelling is frequently used and reinforced. Students gain confidence and a sense of ownership of the english language as they enlarge their collection of words.
A great resource for differentiated instruction as students of different levels can compile their own words, each using this same book. This workbook is the precursor to Words I Use When I Write®.  Ideal for homeschool, classrooms, writer's workshops and more. Order your My Word Book and develop your student's language arts skills in a personalized way today!
  • - Educators Publishing Service My Word Book
  • - Customizable word dictionary for grades K-1
  • - 64 page language arts workbook
  • - A great resource for differentiated instruction 
  • - Precursor to Words I Use When I Write®
  • - Ideal for homeschool, classrooms, writer's workshops and more

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