ARTistic Pursuits, Volume 5 Northern Countries, Hardcover Book and Video, 18 Lessons, Grades K-3

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  • Brand: ARTistic Pursuits
  • Artist: Brenda Ellis

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Give your students a quality STEAM art education using ARTistic Pursuits Volume 5 Art of the Northern Countries! This is an affordable and easy-to-use hardcover book and video format art curriculum. Fun 10-minute instructional lessons plus creative application time engage your kindergarten through third-grade kids in hands-on DIY creative activities.
Taught by professional artists and teachers, lessons include art projects, history, and appreciation for a well rounded art class. Students will create their own artwork based on each new element they learn about using printmaking, watercolor, charcoal, and oil pastels. Kids get to explore nature artwork from the 1500's to landscape painters of the 19th century.
Students learn the ideology of Realism in Western art and methods for creating that style of art while building their own art skills and expressing ideas in new ways. In the process, kids gain important life-long skills in motivation, concentration, and discovery. 
Children get to choose the subject they would like to create to practice each units techniques making it more personal and not just copying. Written and visual easy-to-follow step-by-step lessons plus examples of finished results builds skill and confidence with each lesson. Ideal for homeschool, classrooms, learning center, co-op and more.
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  • - ARTistic Pursuits Volume 5 Art of the Northern Countries Book and Video Set
  • - 18 STEAM art education lessons in a hardcover book, DVD, and Blu-ray
  • - Fun, easy, 10-minute instructional creative art lessons 
  • - One semester includes art projects, history, and appreciation
  • - Lessons using colored paper, needlework, weaving, and oil pastels
  • - Recommended for students in grades K-3