Whatever Happened to Penny Candy 7th Edition, by Richard J. Maybury, Paperback

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  • Author: Richard J. Maybury

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While the financial crash and post-recession world has proven young people need to understand economics, Whatever Happened to Penny Candy actually makes it fun, fascinating, and entertaining!

Written in Maybury's trademark Uncle Eric "letter" format, students will learn about:
- recession
- money
- inflation
- boom & bust cycles
- government spending
- Gresham's Law and more

Common-sense arguments and down-to-earth explanations create a thorough look at money that's understandable for all. This revised 7th edition now includes updates on runaway inflation, nationals, and legal systems, along with minor updates to reflect:
- current numbers
- statistics
- dates
- data
- graphs
- charts
- back matter

It also includes a new explanation on how human emotions like fear can affect the economy.

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