My Father's World, History of the World, by Plantagenet Somerset Fry, Hardcover

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  • Author: Plantagenet Somerset Fry

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Now you can enjoy the photos and intricate detail of Dorling Kindersley's History of the World, but without having to read about evolution. The My Father's World edition picks up with "The First Civilizations" and omits 22 pages of evolutionary perspectives found in other editions. Filled with maps, illustrations, timelines, photographs, and bite-sized text, this chronological guide to world history is a fantastic book to browse through, use as a spine, or keep as a reference. Recommended for junior high–adult students. 378 pages, indexed, hardcover with dust jacket.
  • - Evolution omitted
  • - Includes maps, illustrations, timelines, photographs
  • - A chronological guide
  • - For junior high through adult students
  • - 378 page hardcover