Lies Homeschool Moms Believe

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  • Author: Todd Wilson

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You look around, Mom, and what do you see?

•Everyone else's kids are better.
•Everyone else's home is cleaner.
•Everyone else fixes better meals.
•Everyone else is more disciplined and more spiritual.
•Everyone else's marriage is better.
•Everyone else can do it all.
•Every other mom loves homeschooling.
•Everyone else is more capable.
•You are the only one who is falling apart and who feels the way you feel.

Why do you see those things? Because, believe it or not, everyone else sees them too, and feels the same way you do---the crushing pressure to meet expectations, to be perfect, and to at least keep up appearances when they can't. Let Todd Wilson draw back the curtain and show you what you can't see. Go behind the scenes with him and discover the reality. With gentle encouragement, anecdotes shared from his own life, and that lighthearted wit that brings such comfort and the relief of laughter to those who can identify, Todd will help you see the lies that bind you and steal your joy. You are not perfect---you may even be far from your ideal---but you are not a failure and you are not alone! Learn the truths that you need to lift your heavy load, take your joy back, and gain the courage and freedom to be real with others . . . and give them the precious gift of being able to be real with you.

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