Teaching from Rest A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakable Peace, by Sarah Mackenzie

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  • Author: Sarah Mackenzie
  • Foreword by: Dr. Christopher Perrin

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Expanded with 35% new content, this updated print version of the wildly successful eBook will serve as a useful guide for parents taking on the task of homeschooling.
Parents making the decision to homeschool are generally motivated by love for their children and they desire to give them the best education in suitable environment. However, many parents, predominately mothers, who have taken this challenge find themselves facing perpetual stress, worry, and anxiety. Guiding readers through a practical, faith-based, inspirational book, Sarah Mackenzie addresses these concerns directly. She draws from her own experiences and study of restful learning (scholé) and the challenges she met to bring restful learning to her six children.

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