Educators Publishing Service, Explode the Code Book 2, 2nd Edition, Grades 1-3

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Your students can enter the exciting world of reading through the easy-to-use Explode the Code series! This award-winning, affordable phonics program has been a best-seller for over 30 years. Visual graphics and step-by-step instruction build fluency and comprehension in your child. Multi-sensory exercises engage all learning styles in hands-on learning fun.
Explode the Code Book 2: Essential Lessons for Phonics Mastery continues this 8 workbook, research-based, literacy series. Designed to be the phonics focal part of your language arts lessons. And easily adaptable for English Language Learners with extra practice books for struggling readers as well.
Two student workbooks, plus optional books 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 are ready to be completed in just one elementary school year. Each book focuses on a different set of consonants, vowels, and blends. Children will learn to visually identify those letters in their written form, as well as understand their sound-symbol relationship.
Features of Explode the Code Book 2 include:
- Initial blends (bl, cl, fl, gl, sk, sl, pl, cr, dr, gr, br, fr, pr, tr, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, tw)
- Ending blends (mp, sk, st, fr, lt, nt, lf, lp, nd, nk)
- Blending sounds to read and write one-syllable words
- Hands-on visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities
- Frequent review
- Reading comprehension
- Fluency
- Decoding
- Vocabulary 
- Spelling
- Copying, matching, multiple-choice, and writing
- Post-test for learning assessment
- Based on the Orton-Gillingham approach
This traditional phonics series is simple to adapt to large classrooms, small groups, and individual instruction. Popular with students and teachers in grades 1-3. Quality, sequential teaching to use in your homeschool, classrooms, tutoring, learning centers, and more!
Order your Explode the Code Book 2 today! Shop for the corresponding workbooks 1, 1-1/2, and 2-1/2, plus the Teacher's Guide for all four books here – each sold separately. And set your student on the road to successful reading fluency and comprehension!
  • - Educators Publishing Service, Explode the Code Book 2
  • - Paperback, 94-pages, focus on initial and final consonant blends
  • - Best-selling, traditional phonics program
  • - Fun, hands-on, multi-sensory, learn-to-read exercises for all learning styles
  • - Step-by-step, systematic, language arts series
  • - Grades 1-3 in homeschool, classrooms, tutoring, learning centers