Master Books, Foundations Phonics: Easy Lessons for Early Learners, by Carrie Lindquist, Grades K-1

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  • Author: Carrie Lindquist

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Many parents are scared or intimidated when it comes to teaching their child to read. It's such an important task, and it opens the pathway for a world of learning. It doesn't have to be such a challenge. You teach your child important things every day, and with the resources in Foundations Phonics, you can do that with reading as well.
Implement interactive lessons, engaging worksheets, and exciting hands-on activities into your phonics lessons to help bring letters, sounds, and reading to life. These lessons are also flexible and can be used for kids who are learning to read as well as those ready to write.
More than just teaching the foundations of literacy, Foundations Phonics uses concepts of the Bible to get kids learning to read. As students work through these lessons, they will trace God's plan of salvation from creation to the resurrection of Christ.
- Designed for 20-30 minute lessons, 3-5 times each week
- Perforated, 3-hole punched pages
- Interactive 3-5 minute lessons teaching a letter and sound or blend through a Biblical story
- Reading practice incorporates words, sentences, Bible verses and lines to Jesus Loves Me
- Worksheets include coloring, reading, problem-solving, writing, and activities
- Hands-on activities use common household items

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