Progeny Press, The Courage of Sarah Noble Student Study Guide, Paperback, Grades K-3

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  • Author: Rebecca Gilleland

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With Progeny Press study guides, students will not only receive quality literary analyses, but also learn to review literature in relation to biblical standards. By utilizing this focus on Scripture, students develop and refine strategies for recognizing and examining man’s philosophies while learning about the craft of writing. Each study guide focuses on literary terms, plot construction, character studies, themes, and ideas.

Story Summary: In the year 1707, eight-year-old Sarah accompanies her father into the wilderness to cook for him while he builds a house for their family. The dark, the wild animals, and the Indians all make it difficult to be brave. She must remind herself of her mother's words as she holds her red cloak close: ''Keep up your courage, Sarah Noble.'' Based on a true story.

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