Progeny Press, The Red Badge Of Courage Study Guide, Paperback, Grades 8-12

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  • Brand: Progeny Press
  • Author: Gregory Power

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With Progeny Press study guides, students will not only receive quality literary analyses, but also learn to review literature in relation to biblical standards. By utilizing this focus on Scripture, students develop and refine strategies for recognizing and examining man’s philosophies while learning about the craft of writing. Each study guide focuses on:
- literary terms
- plot construction
- character studies
- themes and ideas.

Story Summary: Henry Fleming joins the Union army dreaming of glory and heroic acts on the battlefield. But the harsh reality of the Civil War leaves him struggling against fear and self-doubt to find courage in the midst of chaos.

The Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane’s classic work of modern American fiction, analyzes the fear that a young soldier must face on the battlefield and within his own heart.

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