Easy Grammar Ultimate Series 180 Daily Teaching Lessons Grade 12 Teacher

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Give students the skills necessary to become successful writers and public speakers with the Easy Grammar Ultimate series. This step-by-step program uses the prepositional approach combined with effective strategies to build confidence in capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech, items in a series, appositives, and more.

Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 12 is set up the same as the other Ultimate series books in that they are short, 10-minute lessons; however, the concepts are presented include both basic and more complex rules for capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. Some concepts, such as catenative verbs, zero articles, and modal idioms, are introduced, but mastery is not required. A complete index for quick referencing is included.

A section titled "Beyond Easy Grammar" provides students with grammar’s 4 aspects: orthography, syntax, etymology, and prosody. (No written work is required in this section.) Dr. Phillips believes that this is a "must" for all high school seniors; they will want to take this text to college or to the workplace as a resource. In fact, college professors may want students to obtain this text.

180 Daily Review Lessons.

This Student workbook does not contain the answer key.

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