Master Books, Jensen's Format Writing DVD Supplement, by Frode Jensen, Grades 9-12

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  • Brand: Master Books
  • Author: Frode Jensen

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Jensen's Format Writing DVD Supplement is a valuable resource for teaching expository writing along with the textbook by the same name. Created due to popular demand, this 90-minute video features 12-lectures. Your high schooler will master the art of effective written communication, preparing them for life and college. 
Frode Jensen's informative presentations make this subject understandable and enjoyable! Topics of expository writing are covered such as paragraphs, essays, book reports, business letters, college level essays, and more. Your student will learn to communicate more clearly and concisely. 
This is an essential, life long communication skill!
The corresponding Format Writing Textbook - sold separately - is easy-to-follow and includes a suggested weekly schedule, reviews, tests, and answer keys. Together with this video, you have a comprehensive language arts curriculum.
This video presentation is appealing to all learning styles and counts towards a high school language arts credit course. 
Features include:
- Overviews of sections of the book
- The secret to cutting writing a paper in half
- How to have a powerful effect on the reader
- Summarizing one's reading for better recall
- Documenting sources
- Equipping students for over 20 years
A suggested sequence is to use Jensen's Grammar for 8th grade, Punctuation for 9th grade, Vocabulary for 10th grade, and Format Writing and DVD for grades 11-12 (flexible to be used in one or two years). 
Order your copy of Master Books' Jensen's Format Writing DVD Supplement  today! Shop our selection of homeschool curriculum here for your convenience as well. 
  • - Master Books, Jensen's Format Writing DVD Supplement - 90 minutes
  • - Corresponds with and enhances the Format Writing Textbook - sold separately
  • - 12 lectures include how to use analytical keys, the principle of condensation, and major papers
  • - Part of a flexible one to two year high school language arts course 
  • - Informative presentation created due to popular demand
  • - For grades 9-12 in homeschool, classroom, learning center, co-op, and tutoring