Math Mammoth, Grade 5-A Worktext, Light Blue Series by Maria Miller, Paperback, Grade 5

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  • Author: Maria Miller

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Math isn't hard when it makes sense. Easy-to-use Math Mammoth is fantastic quality, affordable, mastery-based curriculum that your students will understand and enjoy! Grade 5-A Worktext teaches directly to your students with real-life applications. Topics are introduced in a logical way.
Plus free online resources and videos are available!
Concepts are very simply yet thoroughly explained in a variety of ways to reach different learning styles and for complete understanding. There is very minimal teacher preparation for you. As your kids work through this elementary math book, they will learn and develop critical thinking skills, essential for a STEM education as well.
When students learn the "why" then they can better understand the "how" of math procedures!
Grade 5-A Worktext (for the first semester) features:
- The Four Operations
- Large Numbers and the Calculator
- Problem Solving
- Decimal
- Puzzle Corner
- Mental Math
- Word Problems
Math Mammoth curriculum features comprehensive learning, review, and testing for understanding. It includes word problems and mental math that develops number sense in your students. Once students understand concrete math, then they transition to more abstract exercises. 
Each grade level includes two student books - one for each semester - so it is less cumbersome. An index points you to the focus of each chapter. The foreward introduces you to Math Mammoth and is followed by optional "Helpful Resources On The Internet as you see fit".
Clear instructions with a variety of applications really help your kids grasp the concept!
Engaging, visual graphics help kids literally get the idea and make it fun. For instance, different types of problems are color-coded with a simple, thin colored line around that section. Minimal color helps bring just enough visual interest and perception without being over stimulating or busy. 
There is a separate reproducible Tests and Cumulative Reviews book for each grade level. As well as a separate grade level Answer Key book with smaller student pages reproduced so you can see the math equation as well as the solution. This makes it quick and convenient to use.
Math Mammoth curriculum has quickly become a favorite among parents, homeschoolers, classroom teachers, and tutors! 
This math program was developed by Maria Miller who loves math and teaching math.This is a well-developed program at a very reasonable price! Can you tell I am excited about this new math program?
Order your light blue series Math Mammoth Grade 5-A Worktext Math Curriculum today! 
Be sure to order your second semester Grade 5-B Worktext, reproducible Grade 5 Tests and Cumulative Reviews book, and the Grade 5 Answer Key - each sold separately - as well. 
Now you are off to a successful and enjoyable math experience for you and your student! 
  • - Math Mammoth Grade 5-A Worktext Math Curriculum, Grade 5 Light Blue Series
  • - Affordable, quality, one-semester engaging STEM elementary math book
  • - Comprehensive, conceptual, and cummulative
  • - Mastery-based learning with chapter reviews
  • - Includes word problems, mental math, and number sense for real-life application
  • - Minimal teacher preparation, written directly to the students
  • - Free online support and resources including videos for homeschool, classroom, learning center, co-op, and tutoring


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